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Joining the Chamber of Commerce

Is YOUR company a member of the Melksham Chamber of Commerce? If you work in Melksham, they should be! Benefits include networking with other members, help and support services, access to training and business updates, business on advantageous terms at some local member companies, publicity, and the ability to make business inputs straight into the decision making process for the future of Melksham and Wiltshire.

About Membership

Annual membership of the Melksham Chamber of Commerce costs from £45.00 per annum for companies with just a handful of employees. For companies with branches is several Wessex towns, a combined "Wessex Accociation" membership is also available.

Chamber Statement

Melksham Chamber of Commerce exists to improve the business turnover and efficiency of its members. It provides a platform for members to talk and work with each other, distribute information, advice and represent their views on the issues affecting the commercial life of Melksham. The Chamber is the voice of business and membership will maximise both your profile and your potential.

The Chamber aims:
• To seek out, promote and implement ways of attracting new members into the Melksham Chamber.
• To make the Melksham Chamber more accessible to all members.
• To improve awareness of membership benefits
• To develop and run the chamber website

Melksham Chamber of Commerce is vital to all businesses for

Economic Development
• To successfully support the revitalisation of the town centre
• To monitor all planning applications and proposals
• To explore ways to improve Melksham and to present these strategies to local authorities
• To assist in attracting external investment into the town
• To continue to represent members at business meetings
• To seek to tackle the problems of car parking and district transportation
• To create a forum for debating the transport infrastructure and land use.
Business and Commerce
• To communicate with businesses and trades identifying issues which require lobbying
• To co-ordinate and represent the business community
• To continue to promote and expand the Melksham Chamber services
• To promote Melksham Chamber lunches and networking evenings
• To promote communications between members and other local businesses.
• To advance networking opportunities for members.

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If you would like to join, or want any further information, please provide us with some initial details.

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Membership of Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry is open to businesses in Melksham and the surrounding area



Membership has Privileges!

No. of EmployeesAnnual Cost (ex VAT)
These rates are subject to VAT at the current rate, and are correct at the time of update (June 2015). Please complete the form (to the left) if you would like to enquire (or email us) - you are not committing yourself just by asking!

You can also get an "association" membership if you are a business covering the Wessex area more generally, with prices from £199.00 per year for companies with less that 10 employees. A Patron membership is also available. Please ask for details.

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