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Melksham, Wiltshire, England

Melksham is a town of - currently - some 22,500 people (but growing) - one of the five towns of West Wiltshire, but also with close links to Chippenham (it's part of the new Chippenham parliamentary constituency), Devizes, Calne and Corsham, all of which are less that 8 miles away. Situated on the (Bristol) Avon, Melksham has many historic buidings, but also a wide variety of both traditional and modern businesses, a bustling town centre, and a number of retail businesses on the edge of the town.

The History of Melksham

Melksham is an old market town, mentioned in the Doomsday book and important in medieval times. The Wilts and Berks canal came to Melksham in 1812, and in 1813/14 a grand Georgian development was planned to make Melksham a Spa town to rival Bath. However, the scheme failed to take off, but has left a legacy of historic buildings. During the second world war, RAF Melksham on Bowerhill was a better known as No 12 School of Technical Training from 1940 to 1965 ... when it closed; the site has now been developed into a thriving community of over 1000 homes, and a large industrial area too. There is a more detailed history of Melksham [here] on the Tourist Information site.

Running a business in Melksham

Melksham Town Council, and Melksham Without Parish Council, are both strong supporters of local businesses, and Melksham has thrived over the years with the arrival of companies - large and small - and startups too. Although not quite large enough to be an "SSCT", Melksham is designated as a major growth area under the RSS, and it's expected to grow by 40 to 50% in the next 15 years. The town map lists over 200 businesses which are open without appointment, and there's about the same number again of specialised businesses - ranging from Tyres to Computer Training, and from Charity Collectors to Plasic Moulders.

Living in Melksham

Melksham is a friendly and welcoming community. I moved here 10 years ago ... in my previous home village, where I had lived for 25 years, the 'old guard' was just about starting to pass the time of day. My goodness - what a difference in Melksham. It's said that if you go to the bank in London it takes 10 minutes, but here it can take an hour by the time you stop and chat. For children, a number of primary schools are scattered around the town, and the new Melksham Oak Community college will be opening - a brand new secondary school to replace the "George Ward" - within the next year.

Shopping and eating out in Melksham

There's a list of over 200 businesses who welcome walk in trade here.

What to see in Melksham

The Roundhouse. St. Michael's Church. The Riverside Walk. Conigre Mead Nature Reserve. Melksham Spa. Old buildings in the town, and lovely countryside around. Our Tourist Information Centre will help you find much more.

The Surrounding Area

Lacock - 4 miles. Devizes - 6 miles. Bradford-on-Avon - 6 miles. Bath - 12 miles. Longleat - 12 miles. Avebury - 12 miles.



make your business a destination

If you're driving to Melksham, put the postcode "SN12 6ES", grid reference "ST904635" or the latitude / longitude "51:22.2286N 2:8.3578W" into your SatNav system - that will take you to the Town Hall - the building shown in the Chamber of Commerce logo. If you prefer to read a traditional map, you can leave the M4 motorway at the Junction 17 (for Chippenham and the A350). It will take you about 20 minutes to drive from the motorway if the traffic is clear.

By train, you can travel to Chippenham which has trains from London and Bristol, and change there for the local train (every 2 hours or so) to Melksham. Taxis are available throughout the day at Chippenham station, though you would be well advised to book if you'll be arriving very late in the evening. By bus, services x72 271 and 272 (from Bath and Devizes) and x34 (from Chippenham and Trowbridge) run hourly or better, Monday to Saturday.

If you need to stay in Melksham, there are a number of hotels in the countryside around. The King's Arms in the centre of town offers alternative accommodation if you prefer a historic pub, and the Conigre Farm offers rooms too.

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